Nepal Tour

all-nepal-tourNepal is a land of supreme scenic beauty located with one of the most diverse geographical ares on earth traveling in Nepal not only offers on opportunity to submerge in  Himalayan bliss but also provide  visitor a chance to return to history just like it war thousands of years before. Exotic wildlife, high altitude meadows, magnificent  mountain, incredible destinations, unique cultures & festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters & delectable oriental cuisines makes Nepal, undoubtedly, oriental cuisines makes Nepal, undoubtedly, a traveler’s  delight.

toursinnepalNepal is one of the richest countries in the world in the terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation. The elevation of the country ranges from 60m above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848m, all within a distance of 150 km resulting in climatic condition from Sub-tropical to the Arctic.

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